All-On-Four Implants in San Jose, CA

All-on-four is a specific type of implant-supported overdenture that uses four dental implants to support the prosthesis. At Willow Glen Dental Care, the all-on-four process uses fewer implants than traditional overdentures, making it less invasive for the patient. There is no need for bone grafting with the all-on-four method, so it is ideal for patients who may not be candidates for traditional dental implant treatment. 

The All-On-Four Implant Procedure

All-on-four is a dental implant solution in which four dental implants support an entire arch of upper or lower replacement teeth. This solution allows patients to quickly restore their smiles, eliminating uncomfortable and loose dentures or the need for bone grafting surgery. All-on-four is a permanent solution that can last for decades with proper care. If you are missing several or even all of your bottom teeth, an all-on-four treatment plan may be your best treatment option. 

The first step is removing any infected gum tissue and reshaping the jawbone so that the implants can be appropriately positioned and secured. Once the implants have been placed, you will be fitted with a temporary set of teeth to wear while your mouth heals. During the next four to six months, the bone in your jaw will fuse to the implants in a process known as osseointegration. Once this is complete, you will return to our office so we can insert your new permanent set of teeth. Make sure to schedule regular appointments at our practice for cleanings and examinations so we can provide you with continued care. Once your new teeth are secured into place, you will be able to speak, eat, and smile with confidence again! 

The Advantages of All-On-4 Implants

Less Invasive

With only four dental implants needed, this procedure is less invasive than many others. You won’t need to worry about bone grafts, sinus lifts, or any potential issues arising from multiple surgeries.

Increased Stability

By supporting an entire arch of missing teeth, the all-on-four implant system provides more stability and support to your teeth. This means you’ll be able to chew and speak more effectively, which can significantly impact your overall quality of life.

Improved Appearance

If you’re missing several teeth in your upper or lower arch, your body can shift its position to compensate for the gap left behind by the missing teeth. This can cause issues with your bite and jaw alignment, affecting your smile and how you feel about yourself. The all-on-four implant system can give you a complete smile again and restore your confidence.

Because the procedure is minimally invasive, it’s less painful and involves a shorter recovery time. Contact Willow Glen Dental Care at 1600 Willow St, Suite 203, San Jose, CA 95125, or call dentist in San Jose CA (408) 978-0911 for more information.



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