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We Can Bridge That Gap!

Bridges are designed to bridge the gap between one or more missing teeth and is typically comprised of two or more crowns fused together and attached to the surrounding teeth. Click on the thumbnails below to view the bridge procedure.

Missing Teeth? We Can Help!

Dental bridges and partial dentures are common ways to replace missing teeth in adults. If teeth that have been lost are not replaced, the remaining teeth can tip, drift, or extrude into the empty spaces, causing both aesthetic and functional problems within your mouth.

If you have missing teeth, visit a doctor for dental bridges and partials to determine if these options are right for you.

Permanent Dentures and Bridges

Dental Bridge in San Jose, CA

A dental bridge is an easy and affordable way for you to replace a missing tooth. It is a very common and safe procedure allowing patients to restore their smile’s esthetic while also retaining their bite’s chewing function. Dr. Danielle Wehle is a general dentist in San Jose, CA that can replace your missing tooth by utilizing a dental bridge.

If you have a gap in your smile it is important that you replace the missing tooth. Not only can gaps in your smile be unsightly but the surrounding teeth can start to drift out of place and even break under the pressure of a misaligned bite. Your cheeks and lips can also appear to be sunken adding years to your appearance.

A dental bridge is designed to create a “bridge” over the area of a missing tooth and is most commonly comprised of three dental crowns affixed to one another. Dr. Wehle will make sure you are numb for the procedure to ensure a comfortable experience. The two teeth on either side of the missing tooth are prepared and reshaped to receive dental crowns. An impression of the area is made and sent off to a lab where the final bridge will be fabricated. A temporary dental bridge is made while you wait for the permanent one. Once the final bridge is received it is cemented into place and your bite is adjusted to make sure your teeth are coming together as they should. Dr. Wehle will inform you on how to take care of and clean around your dental bridge to ensure a long-lasting natural-looking restoration.

There is an easy and affordable way to smile again! Fill in that gap and restore your beautiful smile with a dental bridge. To learn more about your options for a dental bridge in San Jose, CA, call Dr. Wehle’s office to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.

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