Thanks to advances in modern dental technology, there are a few different methods to straightening teeth for teens and adults alike. If you have been suffering from crooked teeth, you may wonder what the difference is between traditional braces and aligner treatment such as Invisalign®. It is a good idea to consult with your dentist if you have questions, but here are the basics of what you should know.




Invisalign® is a teeth-straightening regimen that involves the use of a series of clear aligners to guide the teeth into the proper position. Treatment averages around one year for many patients, and number of aligners can vary from 15 to more than 30. Dr. Danielle Wehle can help fit you for your first aligners, which are customized to your teeth shape. Every few weeks, you will progress to the next aligner until the teeth are in the desired position. The clearness of the aligners makes them less noticeable than traditional braces.


Traditional Braces


Traditional braces involve the use of brackets, which are affixed to the front of the teeth, and an arch wire that connects the brackets. As treatment progresses, the dentist may tighten the arch wire to progressively move the teeth into place. The length of treatment depends on how far the teeth need to move. Because the brackets and arch wires are somewhat fragile, patients with braces have more restrictions on what they can eat.


Making the Choice


Braces cannot be taken off, but with Invisalign®, patients can remove the aligner to eat and clean their teeth. However, the aligner must be worn for the specified amount of time each day, which is usually at least 22 hours. The right treatment for you depends on your dental needs and the treatment plan you are willing to follow.


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