Missing teeth pose a threat to your oral health, and for patients with gum disease, that can mean adding extra complications to an already complex treatment plan. The easiest way to minimize the problems associated with missing teeth due to gum disease is to work with your dentist to coordinate the placement of dental implants as soon as possible when you lose teeth.

Risks of Missing Teeth

As soon as you lose teeth, permanent changes begin in your mouth. Luckily, it takes some time for them to become visible. The longer you wait to replace those teeth, the more visible the changes, and the more they accelerate. Those changes include:

  • Misalignment of remaining teeth
  • Wider spacing to take advantage of the new room in the jaw
  • Bite related issues from movement in the teeth on just the upper or lower jaw
  • Gum tissue loss
  • Jawbone loss

In addition to those permanent problems, missing teeth provide gaps where tender gum tissue can be irritated by foods, and tough to chew foods can be harder to manage with missing teeth. This can force lifestyle changes on patients that might not be in their best interests nutritionally.

Dental Implants for Missing Teeth

Implants are the most widely recommended option for replacing teeth today. That’s because they are permanent when they are properly cared for, they look natural, and they mimic the stimulation natural teeth provide your gums and jawbone. That means they are the option that best preserves your gum tissue and your original smile with it.

Some patients with gum tissue loss need surgical grafts or bone implantation before implant surgery. Only a consultation with Dr. Danielle Wehle can determine what, if any, additional procedures you will need. Don’t wait. Contact Willow Glen Dental Care in San Jose, CA to make an appointment for a consultation and find out whether you are a candidate for dental implants. The sooner you act, the more your new smile will look like your old one.